Big Ideas at UC Davis

To help shape the direction for its second comprehensive campaign, UC Davis put forth a call for BIG IDEAS in fall 2015. As part of the initiative, university leadership called on all levels of the academic community to submit proposals for ideas that represent audacious, forward-thinking programs and projects that will keep UC Davis at the forefront of academia, and position us for continued success for many years to come.

From the earliest calls for BIG IDEAS proposals, to the BIG IDEAS Symposium last fall, many stakeholders participated in the process, including nearly 200 faculty champions and their collaborators who initially put forth ideas. From that process, the Campaign Steering Committee selected 13 BIG IDEAS to move forward, all having the potential to positively impact the world while also capturing the imagination of donors; these include ideas in health, veterinary medicine, student experiences and more.

BIG IDEAS Next Steps

Projects selected to move forward are currently in the initial phases of activity and will be ongoing for the next several months. Ideas that have a demonstrated path to funding will become marquee campaign ideas, while ideas with limited funding potential may be scaled down or re-envisioned. And other ideas are in the wings and may advance to BIG IDEA status in the course of the campaign.


UC Davis will launch its second cycle of BIG IDEAS with an opportunity for news ideas to come forth and be part of the campaign. More details will be announced in spring 2018.